Here’s what some of our parents are saying!

What a great year and Summer Program this has been. I can't say enough positive things about all the staff you have. Great people and a wonderful program. I absolutely rave about the program to everyone I speak to.

Trista R. (2 children)

What a great year!

We have had several different after school childcare options over the years and yours is the best – hands down. I really appreciate everything you and your staff do for the kids.

Christa E. (2 children)

I was thrilled to find out Kare 4 Kids was available at Hawrylak when my son started school there. (He) is in grade 1 and attends Kare 4 Kids three afternoons per week. It has just worked out so well for us this year. (He) likes the program and never complains about having to stay after school.

Sandra S. (1 children)

I was thrilled!

Our son has been very happy to be involved in the Kare 4 Kids before and after school program. As parents, we are very pleased with the program, as it provides a variety of activities that promote physical fitness, creativity, positive relationship building, and fair play. The Kare 4 Kids staffing team is professional, courteous and ensures that all of the children are happy, safe and engaged in activities with peers. The hours of operation of the program have been great! As working parents, we have appreciated the opportunity for our son to take part in the full day program as well if the school is closed for Teacher Development. We highly recommend this program to other families.

Sharla S. (1 child)

Kare 4 Kids provides a great service to our community. Many of our parents take advantage of the full-range of activities and supervised learning experiences offered to our students outside of regular school hours. The K4K team does a wonderful job of caring for our children.

Blair G. (Principal, W.S.Hawrylak)

K4K provides a
great service!

I am so impressed with the Kare 4 Kids program at Hawrylak School. I know that (my son) is not only safe and well looked after but that he is also exercising his mind and body through their creative activity programming. Whenever I pick him up, his first question is if he could stay later. On days when there is no school and he attends the full day, he is anxious to go there as soon as the doors open. There are many impressive things about this program, and for me the most important attribute would be the people that care for the kids. Not only are they all very friendly and competent, it is easy to see the kids listen, respect and like them too. I have yet to pick up my son and not find the Kare 4 Kids team playing with the kids. It’s common to see them sitting at the table doing crafts or running around the gym playing games. Thank you so much for your program – it is much appreciated

Brenda S. (1 child)

The (Kare 4 Kids) Before and After School Program offers an outstanding service to the community. Their teachings regularly paralleled/ reinforced studies that occurred in the classrooms. The caring instructors not only supported but also enriched the lives of the students that they encountered. Great job!

Virginia H. (former Principal, W.S.Hawrylak)


Kare 4 Kids runs an excellent before and after school program. Many of the Kare 4 Kids program activities parallel what happens in the students’ classrooms and the students’ learning is enhanced while they are in the program. They have developed fun, educational activities that engage the students and the students enjoy being part of the program.

Bill D. (former Principal, W.S.Hawrylak)

They have developed fun, educational activities!