Our Vision

Kare 4 Kids’ vision is to be an integral part of our communities and schools, helping to educate and nurture children by providing a quality club-style Program before and after school.

Our Mission

Kare 4 Kids’ mission is to help children to become strong, self-assured, responsible individuals while participating in activities in a fun and safe environment.

Using self-directed behaviour and conflict management techniques, children learn important life lessons and social skills.

Through creative, educational, and physical activities, we create an enhanced curriculum, an activity-based Program, and a caring atmosphere for children while giving their parents/guardians peace of mind knowing their children are safe, learning and having fun!


Kare 4 Kids seeks creative, enthusiastic and talented individuals with a passion for
working with children to join our team.
Contact us for more information at: kare4kidshr@gmail.com

Debra Wardle

BUSINESS OWNER! MOVIE STAR! TEACHER! The dilemma as a teenager of deciding what I should become. I dreamed of owning my own company, a company in which both I and my staff would have fun. I took a circuitous route through nursing, banking, accounting, and retail. Along the way, I married, became a mother, and was deserted before my first child was a year old. The weight of caring for her fell solely on my shoulders.

I parented, worked full time, and went to school at night. I tried several child care situations but none were satisfactory until I enrolled her in a Before & After School Program. I clearly remember the moment when I realized she was active, engaged and happy there, and the weight of child care I had carried for years was lifted from my shoulders.

I’m Debra Wardle and I created Kare 4 Kids Regina, Inc. in 2007 to provide programs that children would love to attend and would give parents that same weight-lifted feeling that I experienced, and to create a fun place in which to work. I love seeing children engaged in learning new and fun facts, learning life lessons, engaging and expanding their minds, being active and remembering the interesting information K4K brings each day. (“My child can remember what he’s learned at B&A, that the state fruit of Louisiana is the strawberry, but can’t remember what he’s learned in school.”)

Now, I OWN a business, ACT silly, TEACH what I want, and have FUN while doing it!

Ashley Hill-Boudreau
Assistant Director

In 2004 I agreed to help out a friend who worked at a local Before & After School Program – they were short staffed for a Professional Development Day. It happened to be Halloween, so we dressed up. I had a blast and I never left. My name is Ashley Hill-Boudreau and I am the Assistant Director of Kare 4 Kids Regina, Inc. I have been with the company since 2008 however have worked with Debra since that fateful Halloween day in 2004.

My degree is in Justice Studies and Sociology, I have always been passionate about helping people and supporting our local communities. The sense of community that we have at Kare 4 Kids is one of the things of which I am most proud – we work together with families to ensure that ‘our’ children are being raised in a safe, consistent, learning environment. The same type of environment I would want my son to be a part of.

I am passionate about learning, growing, teaching and creating. Kare 4 Kids allows me to be passionate about my business as it encompasses each of these things. Each day I learn something new, each day presents a new challenge, and each day presents new opportunity.